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Our property management services apply to all types of properties including conventional multifamily housing, affordable multifamily housing, office, warehouse, retail and other commercial properties.

Maximizing operational efficiencies and creating a quality environment for tenants, produces the best possible results for our clients and investors. Our property management services cover overseeing all day to day duties and responsibilities necessary for the complete management of each property.

Our customized management plans include:

  • Optimal operations with focus on owner objectives
  • Financial responsibilities from forecasting, revenue management and investment funds management to expense management, cost containment, cost/benefit analysis and price negotiation
  • Strategic marketing and leasing including market analysis
  • Superior maintenance and construction management including unit and property inspections, preventive maintenance, corrective and emergency maintenance
  • Contract administration including scope of work, bid analysis, implementation and contractor requirements
  • Comprehensive hiring, training and staff development, payroll and benefits administration
  • Accurate government compliance oversight as it relates to each property
  • Information technology systems implementation and maintenance
  • Real estate taxes and insurance analysis and management
  • Public relations management
  • Straight forward communications with the owner including monthly financial statements, periodic reports on occupancy, physical asset, forecasting
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